I’m From Canberra, Australia.

by Will

Google Earth Satellite Image of QLA Australia

When I left my friends at the restaurant to get some snacks for the movie, I went into the supermarket in the middle of town. There weren’t many people around, being Wednesday night and all.

In the confectionary aisle, they were walking together, hand in hand. They didn’t notice me at first, and ambled further, not really paying attention to the produce.

I must have bumped something, because I made a noise and they knew there was someone else nearby. They flew apart and were both suddenly examining products on different sides of the aisle. Neither boy looked more than fifteen.

I smiled to myself, picked up a packet of chocolate and left them to their adrenaline rush. Perhaps I could have told them. Perhaps they could know they’re not alone. But no, I left them in peace.

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