I’m From Easley, SC – Video Story

by David Hawkins

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Being from South Carolina, I always felt that there’s not one thing that’s not connected or in some way influenced by someone’s religious beliefs which most are Christian, southern Baptist fundamentalists – really, really conservative. So when I came to New York the thought of having gay friends, a gay job, just being in gay social circles wasn’t a priority and I found myself in the exact same position as I was in South Carolina: the only gay in a sea of straight people – which was fine. And I felt like I was having the perfect time in New York but the more time went on I did feel like there was something missing and I wasn’t living up to what I should.


After I changed careers to now being a journalist and writing for newspapers and magazines and also for Out.com and The Advocate being able to immerse  myself in a gay industry it totally, totally opened up things for me as far as professionally and with friends but really professionally once I really got behind that I could actually be in a gay industry and enjoy it and be a part of a community the caliber of people that I’ve met that are gay entrepreneurs, gay activists, gay politicians…seeing that on a daily basis and having them be my friends or even acquaintances, it’s a great inspiration and they continue to inspire me. It’s great to be a part of it. It’s definitely helped dating as well.

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