I’m From Fort Worth, TX.

by Francisco Gonzalez

Satellite overhead image of Texas from Google Earth 2022

I wonder just how successful those dating sites really are. I’ve found some pretty interesting people on the Internet. Some of which, based on our compatibility, I’ve gotten to be pretty good Internet friends with. Only a few have ended up being anything romantic.

I’m not sure where I’m missing out on that. I think it’s just a chemical thing. There are plenty of possible questions to get out there to see if two people can be compatible, but I guess compatibility is only a possibility.

I had been in a place where I’d been dating a few guys. It just seems like none of them had been…right for me. But I just started talking to this one guy, who all of a sudden I really like. Something just clicked.

I doubt, however, it’s that easy. I can’t think of how to describe it or where it comes from, but I think it’s something in the air. It comes in first at the eyes. The images let into the mind stir up certain synapses in the brain that cause a pleasurable sensation. Then more comes in through the ears and the understanding of interest in what a person has to say.

Then I’m sure other senses are involved. Probably not taste, so soon at the point of meeting someone, but I’m sure pheromones intermingle in the nose and the sensation of being touched affects the shoulder or the arm. All these things hit the nervous system in just the right way causing some chemical reaction that slightly raises the heart rate and causes the stomach to flutter.

Almost like opening presents on Christmas morning or seeing the delivery boy show up with your favorite pizza. There’s just a feeling there that isn’t otherwise. No amount of personality comparison could suffice if that electricity just doesn’t click. And it’s usually almost instant. Like first date instant. I’ve known after one date whether or not I want to pursue things with a guy. I’m sure a lot of people get hurt in the process, but I guess that kind of thing is unavoidable.

With two glasses of wine and a deck of cards on the table, we spent most of the evening just keeping each other company. The TV was on, and it made it easier to avoid any awkward silences, but for the most part, it wasn’t necessary. It was our third “date” of sorts and we hadn’t run out of questions to ask one another. We chatted a lot about various things; our political standpoint; how we felt about religion; our view on life.

We finished playing cards, and after a few glasses of wine, I admitted that I liked him. I told him, “I know you told me you’re not looking for anything serious.”
He told me, “It’s nothing personal.”
“How ’bout this,” I asked him. “High card, I get to kiss you.”
“What does that mean?”
“It means, we each draw a card, and if mine is higher than yours, you let me kiss you.”
He agreed. “But only if there are no strings attached.”

I drew first and looked at my card in disappointment. It was only a four. It was his turn to draw and when he looked at his card, a happy sense of satisfaction came over his face. He showed me the card and I smiled as it was only a three.

We spent the rest of the night kissing each other.

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