I’m From Mathis, TX – Video Story.

by Myles Silvas

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My name is Myles Silvas and I grew up in a small little town, Mathis, down by Corpus Christi. In a big city, you can take anything off your mask, or out of a closet and be happy. And I don’t regret ever leaving that small little town. I felt being in a  relationship with a man was something to be ashamed of. You know, even though that my heart felt like it was the right thing to do and it was making me happy but the other part was tearing me up inside. Cause, I was brought up saying that was a big NO NO and it wasn’t right, you’re going to hell and all this other stuff, so. I didn’t grow up having my own family saying “Hey I found out you’re gay and I love you because your gay and you are who you are.” And I still haven’t come out to my family. I met a person from Dallas and he was visiting Corpus Christi and we exchanged numbers and we stayed in touch and stuff like that. And I kept telling him my story about you know – hey, well I can’t come out, I can’t do this, I can’t do that. And he’s like, “Dallas is so different, you need to come out here. You can be yourself. You can live your life to its fullest. And I took that chance. I just grabbed a bag and put certain clothes, and I got my ticket and I got on a plane, for the first time and, I didn’t tell my family for four months where I was at. I didn’t tell them, my best friend did. And, uh, I never turned back. Nope.

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