I’m From Minneapolis, MN – Video Story.

by Brian Ness

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I’m Brian Ness. I’m from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I grew up here for the majority of my life, and grew up in a pretty typical Minnesotan home. Where I knew from a pretty early age that I was gay but knew there was a lot of tension between who I was and who I wanted to be and who my parents were hoping I would be. I knew for a good portion of my life that I shouldn’t be talking about what I wanted to be. So by the time I graduated high school, I moved to Chicago because I was looking for a place where I could really define who I was. Define what it might mean to be a gay man. And, moved to Boystown, did sort of the epitome of what I expected to discover. And then my dad grew really sick and I knew that as a son I should be coming back home. And I think it was really hard because I finally found out maybe who I wanted to become and had to move back in to a house where I knew that it wasn’t going to be appreciated, and it definitely wasn’t going to be accepted. I had come out to my family already at that point but they didn’t really want to talk about it, so moving back in to a house that so much of what I sort of became, or began to stand for wasn’t talked about, and it was tuff. But I think, it was close to the end of my dad’s life when he walked up to me one morning when I was eating breakfast and he asked me if I was gay. And it was the first time we talked about it in person. And I was kind of annoyed and frustrated at that point. And was like, yeah, you know, I’ve talked to you about this already, we discussed it when I was back in Chicago. You know I’m gay. And he just kind of said that he didn’t understand what that meant but that he hoped I would be able to show him that. And I didn’t, cause he died pretty closely thereafter.  But, looking back at it I really realize that he finally was ensuring that I knew I was part of the family and that my perspective and my life was important to sort of the way our family was moving forward. I stayed here. I stayed in Minnesota. I love it now. It took some time and I missed a lot of stuff about maybe who I was but really found this new balance between sort of these new ideas or possibilities of what I could become, and sort of maybe who I grew up to become. I don’t know, it’s a good place! And finally kind of ready to establish myself here, I just bought a home, today! And ready to sort of be in here for the long haul.

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