I’m From Nazareth, Haifa North, Palestine.

by Motayam Ahmad

Google Earth Satellite Image of Palestine
I’m From Nazareth, Haifa North, Palestine.

I grew up in Nazareth, the city where Jesus was born, peace be upon him, in a Muslim family committed to doing all religious duties. I love the Islamic religion and Christianity very much, so it was very difficult to accept myself as gay, how Siqublni society is where I live. Especially that it is community east of the river.

Since my childhood I felt the difference. It was strange as I did not like football, while all the children of the same generation loved this sport. I knew I was not bold, strong, and I’m afraid of violence and fighting.

At the age of 14 years, I knew that being gay would create a dilemma. In terms of society being against me and against my thoughts, and religion does not approve either. I stayed in a struggle with myself until I was 17 when I joined the Palestinian Association called “Alqaws” and that made me young and more self-confident.

When I was 18, I achieved a great achievement. I told my family I was gay. It was very difficult because I have a very close family. I decided to break the news in a new way. My family loved to read so I took advantage of it and I told them through an article explaining the subject of homosexuality scientifically.

Praise be to God, my family was understanding about me being gay. This is helping me as I do not feel I’m alone, especially in a society that does not accept different sexual orientations.

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