I’m From New Orleans, LA – Video Story.

by Dix

My name is Dix and I’m from New Orleans. This is where I grew up. I have a daughter who is – it’s almost criminal to call her seventeen because she’s going to be eighteen in about two weeks. Which is really amazing. And it’s interesting that we’re here talking because she was conceived (laughter), right there! On that corner of Royal and Frenchmen in her dad’s Mazda truck. I was a budding feminist at that time, you know, early twenties and really coming to, on a socially conscious level. I was still sort of coming out, you know, more and more. I had sex with a woman and it was completely – just seemed natural and normal to me except for the fact that I was drunk but anyway it didn’t bother me it was just sort of like “okay this also somebody I’ve had, you know, sex with.” So i’ve always said, you know – kind of started identifying loosely as bisexual. And then I met – Piper is my daughter’s name – I met her dad Matt and we just hit if off right away and I went from not really knowing that I wanted to have a family and be married and all that stuff to sort of thinking about those things. I had a lot of concerns because I kind of felt this drawing attraction to women and so I was confused. And so we went and had a beer at Checkpoint Charlie’s which is just a couple of blocks from here so we’re sitting. Pint of Guinness, talking about it and he’s like “Well, what about getting married and I looked right and him and I’m like “But what if I’m a lesbian?” And he said, “We’ll deal with it.” And I was like, “Okay.” Cause we’d been talking about , you know, we’d been through all the conversations – having a third person in our marriage – cause he loved the idea. (laughter) He’s a hundred percent, just like that straight male – he’s like “What, a second woman? Awesome!” (laughter) Whatever, if I can get my cake and eat it too, then I was willing to entertain that. So we had all these crazy conversations. We’re sitting at the bar, he says that, it was like “alright” and we got excited you know and a WE GOT EXCITED – and so we left the bar and we’re walking down the street. My daughter was almost conceived in the bushes actually, before we got to the car but we managed to restrain ourselves and then like a couple of crazy, horny teenagers we jumped in the car and the rest is history and its been – what a blessing – its been an amazing ride. When I broke the news to him that I wanted to leave because I was in love with a woman. He sat down with me and we cried and he said, “How can I blame you for loving women? I love women.” Oh my gosh. (tears) Piper wasn’t quite two at the time and we did it with as much love as we possibly could. I mean, it’s amazing, she’s going to graduate from high school and go off to college and start her own life and I just see the grace and the beauty that she walks through the world with and I know that even though I can claim some part of that – I owe that to my community. I owe that to her father. I owe that to my partners. I owe that to the women that were that literally helped catch her and bring her forth. (tears) I’m a proud mom. So, there you go.

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