I’m From New York, NY.

Satellite overhead image of New York State from Google Earth 2022

I have struggled with homosexuality for many years. I never could decide if I was a lesbian or a bisexual female. I was made fun of a lot in school because of my choices. Some guys asked me to sleep with them and another girl and have a threesome, then they’d turn around and tell my entire school. I slept with boys and girls because I thought this was love and how I was suppose to live. My family pretty much disowned me after one call from my school principal informing my parents of the widespread rumors going on. I was lucky to even have a roof over my head while I was still in high school.

Having no one to teach me what love really meant I thought it just pertained to having sexual relations. I was then diagnosed with gonorrhea when I was seventeen years old. I know that gonorrhea is curable but it is very scary to be diagnosed with it at such a young age. I had to take antibiotics to be able to overcome this Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI). After my diagnosis I was kicked out of my father and mother’s home. Alone and scared I lived on the street for about a year. I was prostituting myself to make money to survive and maintain a decent hygiene level. I was with a first-time client and she turned and said, “Honey this isn’t you is it?” This woman whom requested my services was questioning me about who I am? I was outraged but felt guilty at the same time and I started to cry. This woman would not only save my life but also become my wonderful wife. She came and held me close to her and said, “Cry, baby, it’s okay now.” I didn’t know what else to do but to cry. I got done crying and she said, “I want to take you home.” I didn’t know what to say, I was confused at this point. I thought she didn’t want me hooking up but then she wanted to take me home? Well needless to say I went with her and when I got there I was able to take a shower and eat good food.

Later I went shopping with her and she was able to help me get back on my feet. She helped me get my own apartment and a nice running vehicle. I started working and was on my way to success. But one time, I was under the influence and ended up having sexual intercourse with a male. I felt terrible the next day and went straight to my new-found friend. After telling her, she replied, “Baby, it’s okay, I love you still and will take care of you and your baby.”

A few months later she proposed and we moved in with one another. My child is now 24 and my wife and I are doing well. We still are making decent money and are a very successful couple making it through all odds.

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