I’m From Sherborne, Dorset, England.

by A.Y.M. Kong

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“We shape our dwellings and afterwards our dwellings shape us.” Winston Churchill.

Yeah, I know it’s a poncy public schoolboy thing to do to quote Winston Churchill, but it does sum things up pretty well.

For an outsider, boarding school is daunting to say the least. I learnt to hang in there until people knew that the gay was not going away. I persevered and fit in.

And then I fell in love with you. We were friends. You didn’t believe it and you probably still don’t–but you are perfect in my eyes. You taught me grace, beauty, kindness and generosity.

And I told you. And you left. Not abruptly but withdrawing slowly, like it would hurt less. You taught me cruelty, disappointment, regret and my own stupidity.

We lost touch, as it probably should have been. But I would like to thank you. In spite of the pain that I wrought upon myself, the hope for happiness you gave me kept me going.

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