I’m From Staten Island, NY – Video Story

by Will McGinn

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My name’s Will and I’m from Staten Island, and this is my story.

Dating’s been really hard actually. I actually went on a date with a guy, I forget his name, and I’m happy I forgot his name because we met at The Hose on a Wednesday night, and the name of that bar you can imagine what it was like. I was there with my friend Lindsay and he came up and he said he’d really like to get my name and number, and I said okay, that was fine, call me later. So he called me the next day and we went out to eat on that Friday. We were eating and I thought it went well, and I was excited to have met this guy. He started texting me after we left–I gave him a hug and thanked him for dinner–after we left, he texted me and he said, “So are we going to your place or mine?” I was being really naive I guess, I couldn’t imagine what he was even talking about because I had just met him, just had dinner with him. I texted back, like, haha, smiley face, maybe a winky face, just to play it cool. And he said, “No, really, am I coming over to your place or are you coming over to mine?” And I explained to him that I like to move a little slower than sex after Thai food on a first date. But he said that’s a lot slower than he likes to move so he would have to make a decision. So I said, “Well, I’m deleting your number.” And I deleted his number because who…I mean, how much faster could I have moved unless I was under the table during dinner? I don’t know, but funny things like that seem to happen to me all the time.

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