I’m From Tampico, Tamps, Mexico.

by Rob C.

I’m From Tampico, Tamps, Mexico.

I’m the older brother of a small family. I just recently came out to my parents, and it was by far the hardest thing I’ve done. In my 20 years of life I’ve only seen my dad cry twice: for 5 minutes when his mother died, and the night I told him I was gay, he must had been crying all night long because the next day at breakfast he had his eyes all swollen up and so did my mom. It crushed me seeing them like that.

They told me they love me, I’m their son, and they won’t stop loving me, but I told them it isn’t enough. It’s not enough for me that they love me as their son, I needed them to see me as a human being, and understand me as a gay guy. I’m a guy, I love being a guy and I just happen to love guys too, and that DOES NOT make me any less of a guy than any straight guy. I needed them to understand that, and that kind of calmed things down a bit.

Now I’m in therapy, but it’s great because it’s not meant to change me but to help me be happy as I am. My parents, though, aren’t as okay as I would like them to be about the subject. We don’t talk about it, and they stay out of my personal life. But it’s only been about 2 months that I told them so I expect that in the future they come to peace with it.

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