I’m From Wadsworth, OH.

by Sam Glaloway

State Satellite overhead image from Google Earth 2022

This all JUST happened so…prepare yourselves for one helluva shocker. I went out to check the mail, which is silly since no one’s allowed driving in a level three snow emergency, and I found something.

It looked like a certified package in a big brown envelope. So I took it inside and gave it to my dad, who looked at it and laughed. He handed it back to me and pointed out that it was addressed to ME! But get this folks, it had no address on it. Just my name on the front in swirvy cursive letters. Someone must have HAND DELIVERED this letter…in a snow storm no doubt!

So I take it to my room, the only place I’ve ever had any privacy, and I open it up on my desk.

I have never seen so many notes in my life! At least twenty school-style folded notes! I read a few, and they all said that this person, he just called himself “X”, loved me! I was both shocked and pleasantly surprised. I recognise the hand writing, and if it’s who I pretty much know it is, then I have actually felt something for this person as well.

I looked deeper into the envelope and I found something I haven’t seen in years. It’s my old bandana I used to wear around my neck when I was thirteen! I gave that to a boy I practically LOVED when I was that young but nowhere near able to accept myself as gay. I had given it to him when he came out to me as an apology gift. I wasn’t ready to come out yet, but I did feel something for him. I had never EVER imagined he’d turn out to look the way he does now! Or that his handwriting is so similar from way back then!

He’s grown up to dye his brown hair with blond highlights. He still has the same bright blue eyes I fell in love with those few years ago, and he’s still a skinny little bone-of-a-guy. But he’s also grown to have the lisp I find absolutely ADORABLE on a guy! And besides all that, he’s feminine and I do, though I don’t say this often, find that attractive. He’s in my grade even!

So, I have all these notes to read…some of them are beautiful and melodious. Some of them look like his handwriting from way back when I gave him the bandana. Either way, he’s still in love with me, and I think for doing this he’s just sweeter than honey suckle on a sugar log!

I’m going to write him back, and hand deliver it to him in person. I can’t wait to see his expression. I know what I’m going to say also. It’s going to say I love him back, because I do. It’s going to say I miss him being around, and I do. And finally, it’s going to say I want to see him more often.

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