I’m From Washington, DC – Video Story.

by Crystal Cornish

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My name is Crystal Cornish from Washington, D.C. I grew up in a Christian household – you know, both parents. I remember being very young and having feelings about classmates. Girls that I knew and friends – and it wasn’t until I was maybe twenty that I really realized – nineteen, twenty that I really started to feel more comfortable with myself. When I was about twenty-one there was a friend – it was actually someone I had dated previously but he and I were still friends, he outed me to my mom. I shared with him things that I was feeling and he just couldn’t understand and wrap his head around what it was that attracted me to women – and not him. Because that was the real issue. And so I guess in a last attempt he brought my mother into it I suppose because I guess maybe he felt she would turn me around, and turn me straight. To me I was really robbed, you know, the opportunity to share that with her, because she and i had always had – not an awkward relationship, maybe when I was younger – we were really really close. And of course, as most teenagers, they go through a phase where no one can really tell them anything – so there was a bit of distance between my mom and I. And we were just really beginning to work on mending our relationship. And this came about and it completely – we stopped speaking for quite a few months. Because I didn’t share it with her, I think that was the most hurtful piece for her. There was some trust that was lost. And like I said, we were just kind of getting that back. But over the years I’ve been able to become more open with her – not just myself, or my relationships but I’ve been able to share more about me. Even though I didn’t have the opportunity to share with her. It really opened the door for me to be able to share other things with her. Because we were at a point where there was really no turning back after that. I feel like I can say anything to her now.

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