I’m From Westfield, IN.

by Timothy Shields

State Satellite overhead image from Google Earth 2022

I live in a very conservative town, recently turned city. Gays are NOT accepted here; therefore, I keep quiet about my sexual preference. I’ve only told a select few friends who took it quite well. Most importantly, my best friend since first grade had to play twenty questions before I could tell her.

We were sitting out at lunch in the courtyard of the high school when I hid from this guy I liked. She began asking me all these questions as to why I was avoiding him. I was so nervous and shy, but eventually she realized I had a crush on him, then admitted to her that I was gay. Since then she has been one of my best friends and our experience has only strengthened our relationship. I still aspire to tell my parents, but for now, I am content just keeping it in my social circle.

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