Parents Evolve On Accepting Transgender Son.

by Jude

When Jude came out to his parents as a lesbian, all was well in the world.

Even when I was little, my parents would sit my sister and me down and they would say, “If either of you ever wanted to bring your girlfriends home when you’re older, it’s okay by us.” So I knew it would be okay with them but I was still really scared. I finally worked up the courage to tell them and it was this huge dramatic moment and they were totally fine with it and they said they would love and accept me no matter what. I was really happy and it was this huge weight off my shoulders.

After getting into a relationship with a woman, though, Jude started becoming aware that he was transgender. He now had to work up the courage to come out to his parents again, this time as transgender. While originally against the idea, they finally came around to accepting him. Continue Reading to watch Jude’s story.

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