How A Gay Man’s School Project Helped Mend Relationship With Parents. “They Respected Me. That’s All I Cared About.”


My name is Angel Olvera and I’m from Los Angeles, California. I’m from a very conservative desert part of Los Angeles, about an hour north of downtown. So I grew up in the desert. My dad was 16 when he had me. My mom was 17. They met at a …

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“Are The Cats Gay, Too?” Queer Woman Comes Out To Mother With A Little Help From Her Feline Friends.


My name is Sho Barksdale. I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Animals have always been a big part of my family’s life. Growing up, I’ve had cats, dogs, hamsters, rats, snapping turtles. It’s always been a big passion for us. My mom has always been a big advocate of animals and …

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Drag Culture “Really Does Have A Place In Society.”

Vincent Cooper

I’m Vincent Cooper and I’m from Point Pleasant, New Jersey. About 5 years ago I moved from my very Catholic, very Italian, Republican family in New Jersey to New York. And there was one night that I can remember where this larger than life, old-school drag queen essentially parted the …

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