With Help From “Gay Spirit Guide”, Woman Goes From Self-Identified Tomboy To “Definitely 100% Gay” In First 72 Hours Of College.

by Keisha Price

Hi. I’m Keisha Price. I’m from Dover, Delaware.

When I was getting ready to go to college, I was loading up the U-Haul with my mom and my dad and my baby brother. My boyfriend comes over and he’s got flowers and he gives me a kiss and he’s like, “Aw, babe, I’m so glad that you’re gonna be going away to college, but, you know, you’re leaving me. I’m going to be a senior in high school. You’re a freshman in college. You know, we’re gonna have this transition period. We won’t have our Valentine’s Day together and I can’t put the giant frog in your car in the middle of second period.” So we kiss. We, you know, say goodbye, and I drive off with my family.

We end up on UD campus. Everyone is there. So many people. Freshman, parents, tears, crying. So fast-forward to that night, it’s club activities night in the Little Bob, and that’s kind of like the student center-slash-the fitness center for non-athletes. I’m a basketball player so I head over to the club basketball table and I see over there is someone I’m like, I feel like I know her but she’s got long dreads, wearing a fitted hat. I remember in the Blue and Gold game, which is the all-star high school game for Delaware, there was this girl who in the first three minutes of the game, flies over the announcer’s stand after a loose ball, gets the loose ball, throws it back in bounds to the my team, and tears her ACL. That was Morgs.

She’s like, “Yes, that is exactly me.”

I’m like, “What’re you doing here? What’re you doing?”

She’s like, “I’m trying out for club basketball.”

I’m like, “Great. I don’t know anyone here. I’m so glad that I, you know, met you here.”

She’s like, “Well, let’s go shoot around.” And then as we’re about to walk away, two other girls walk up and one of them is super cute. And I’m just like, whoa, what are these emotions happening? Why is Mariah Carey playing “Dream Lover” in the background? Like, where am I at?

We walk over like, “Hey, what’s up, you guys?”

They’re like, “Hi.”

“Are you trying out for club basketball?” And the one taller girl, who will call Ollie, she was trying out but her friend who I’ll call Marie was the one who I had the crush on. So come to find out that they’re new, from Delaware, and they met each other that summer. So they have kind of a repertoire. Now, I’ve met Morgs again so we’re kind of like this awesome foursome.

We end up going to the basketball hoops in the Little Bob and just shooting around, kind of talking, and the whole time, I’m staring at Marie, like looking at her strongly. She had, like, the world’s toughest calves. It’s a really cool night and Morgs and I are just like walking back to our dorm, which is on the north side of campus, and they lived in kind of central campus.

I’m like, “Yo, that girl was so cute. What’s going on? I have a whole boyfriend.”

She’s like, “That’s ‘cause you’re gay.

I was like, “I am not gay. I am a tomboy but I have a whole boyfriend.

She’s like, “Okay. For now.”

Fast forward, it’s the next day and we’re at basketball tryouts and it’s me, Morgs, Ollie and Marie is there kind of just watching and hanging out. But because I, you know, have a crush, I’m trying to impress her, so I’m going ham on the court. Like, this is the first day of practice. I’m slapping the backboard, blocking people, shots across the court. Just getting in their face and I can see that she’s like, “Yeah, she’s really good.” She’s impressed, right?

So we end up scrimmaging and me and Ollie are playing against each other and she ends up fouling me in the face and Marie, I can hear on the side, like, “That’s not cool. That’s not cool. You know, watch out for her face. That’s the moneymaker.” And I’m like, oh, I feel like this girl’s flirting with me.

So I’m like, “Oh, Morgs, did you hear that?” And Morgs is over there, like, grinning her face off.

She’s like, “You’re gay.”

I’m like, “No I’m not!”

So end of practice, we all make the team and we end up kind of shooting around again. But we end up making plans to go to this dance party the next day, which is for all the freshmen. It’s called the Freshmen Fling, but it is pretty much just a house party in the Little Bob for all the freshmen and we all agreed to meet up.

So we’re getting ready and Morgs’s dorm room and I’m wearing like these Old Navy girl jeans. They’re tight and I have on this like kind of low-cut v-shirt.

I told her, I was like, “I do not feel like a boss.”

She’s like, “I know. You need to take some clothes from my – from my wardrobe here. Get your gayness up.” So I end up like getting – I still wear my jeans but I end up wearing like a nice Jersey and I wear a fitted hat and I wear it backwards.

So we meet Ollie and Marie and we all go to the party together. And it’s cool, it’s chill, it’s so many people there. And we’re all kind of like in the corner cliqued up.

My boyfriend actually texts me and says, “Hey, miss you, hope you have a good time. Give me a call when you get back to your room. Love you. I’ll see you when you get there.” And I’m like, aw, kissy face, all that great stuff. Mind you I’m like this whole other person right now. And so we all started dancing. It’s cool. And then the song Salt Shaker by Ying Yang twins comes on and you should see Marie’s face. So she just starts twerking and dropping it hot. Like doesn’t care who’s next to her, grabs Morgs, closest person, starts dancing with her, just the owner all kinds of ass all in her face. I’m like, damn, really jealous here. So me and Ollie stay dancing and we’re all kind of having a great time.

And then, like, halfway between the song Morgs looks over and she’s like, “Yo. Right here.”

I’m like, “What’s going on?”

She’s like, “We’re about to Houdini this guy!”

I’m like, “What?”

She’s like, “We’re gonna switch places.”

I’m like, “All right. Okay. Cool.”

So then one, two, three Houdini!

And then right as the song picks back up, she’s throwing it back on me, looks back and she smiles and just goes even harder. And I’m like, yeah, this is happening ! Like, finally, this is going down! And we end up dancing for like four more songs. We have like probably 5 more drinks. I mean, it’s jungle juice so, you know, people are turnt by the end of the night.

It’s getting kind of late. The party’s winding down and we’re like, “Well, we don’t want the party to stop. Like, let’s go back,” – it’s called the North Bridge but it’s kinda like a halfway point between where they lived and where we lived. So we go back out, walk to the bridge, kind of just hanging out, talking, having more drinks. Morgs and Ollie end up like going and seeing a friend that they now, so it’s just me and Marie.

And I’m like, kind of super nervous. Don’t even though what’s going on. And we’re sharing a drink at this point, so we’re also really close together. We end up like making out on the bridge and I’m like, oh my god. I’ve only kissed two people to this point, period, and they were both boys. Long story short, we end up going back to my apartment and, after that day, I was definitely 100 percent gay and never looked back. Actually, never even texted my boyfriend back. And surprisingly, in a world before ghosting – this is 2006 – we absolutely ghosted each other.

Me and Marie ended up dating for 3 years and 10 years later, I’m still super gay. So I’d like to thanks Morgs for, you know, being my gay spirit guide, telling me I was gay, waiting patiently for me to accept that, Houdiniing, making magic happen and, you know, being there every step of the way. She’s still my best friend to this very day and we do the exact same things that we used to do then, so it’s good to know, you know, when you find yourself, you find yourself in that way.

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