After Tough Adoption Process, Gay Couple Finally Expands Their Family. “My Son Is My Life And He Is The Perfect Addition To Our Family.”


  My name is Fred. I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I can always remember when I first came out, having a conversation with my mom about, you know, just how she felt about everything. And one of the things that she said to me early on was that she lamented over …

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Lesbian Activist Recalls Her Fight For Marriage Equality.


  1970s: Meeting First Girlfriend And Discovering Lesbianism. “She Really Helped Me Start On That Road.” When I was about 17, so that’s in the seventies, I had this friend Jerry who lived in my neighborhood. We’re very close, the families. He had a couple of brothers, too. We all …

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Teen Daughter Reacts After Dad Comes Out As Drag Queen: “All This Time You Could’ve Been Doing My Makeup?”


I am BeBe Sweetbriar and I am from San Francisco. I was born Kevin Junious and I was born in Sacramento, California and grew up there. Went to college outside of Sacramento and Stockton. After college, I came back to Sacramento and started singing with a band. One of my …

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“I’ve Been Helped By So Many People On My Journey To Womanhood.”


“What Was It Like? Stories by LGBTQ Elders” is a new program by I’m From Driftwood, in partnership with Comcast, the nation’s largest cable provider, and SAGE, the country’s largest and oldest organization dedicated to improving the lives of LGBTQ older adults. Learn more about the program here. Stephanie Clark’s …

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