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“Truth or Dare” Results in Teen’s First Gay Kiss.

by Tirrell Cherry

“Truth or Dare” Results in Teen’s First Gay Kiss.

I’m Tirrell and I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. Before moving to Georgia, I lived in Hawaii until I was 15. Growing up in Hawaii, it was different, it was a bit isolated, I didn’...

State Satellite overhead image from Google Earth 2022

by Emily Borges

I’m From Fall River, MA.

Feeling alive, feeling free. Growing up in Fall River was partially easy at times. Certain times were harder. By harder I mean listening to people say constantly, “That bitch sh...

The Kiss That Changed My Life.

by Jason

The Kiss That Changed My Life.

When Jason was 14 years old, he was a foreign exchange student in Ecuador. After befriending a native, they quickly developed a bond with each other. Before long, that bond lead ty name is Jason, I’m originally from  Burlington, Wisconson and I live in Louisville, Kentucky now. When I was 14 I was a foreign exchange student. I went to South America, to ...

Satellite overhead image of Pennsylvania from Google Earth 2022

by Michael Pomante

I’m From West Chester, PA.

I was 18 years old in 1998 and at that time, the only way to meet someone if you didn’t have a car and couldn’t get to Woody’s on a Wednesday was via an AOL chat room. So, t...

Satellite overhead image of Texas from Google Earth 2022

by Siobhan Fitzpatrick

I’m From Keene, TX.

I consider myself a female-assigned genderqueer pansexual. Though I am open to dating a person of any gender or gender variant, I’ve only had experience with cismen and ciswomen...

Satellite overhead image of New Jersey from Google Earth 2022

by Eric C.

I’m From New Jersey.

I had recently told my best friend Allie that I was gay. I was in high spirits for telling the first person ever who I really was. However, I wanted to meet a gay person, you know...

Google Earth Satellite Image of France

by Laurence W.

I’m From Pibrac, Midi-Pyrénées, France.

I was about 5’5”, fifteen years old and I wore my heart on my sleeve. It was about October time, so the leaves were all on the ground and it was dry and cold. We, my friends a...

Satellite overhead image of Tennessee from Google Earth 2022

by Alex G.

I’m From Nashville, TN.

My first kiss wasn’t on my fifteenth birthday. It wasn’t with my girlfriend in my bed. It was on the last day of Reading Buddies in second grade. I was partnered with a first ...

I’m From Melbourne, Australia – Video Story.

by Tom Jackson

I’m From Melbourne, Australia – Video Story.

Tom Jackson, the Aussie featured in today’s Video Story, is one-half of the dynamic duo who writes GAYLETTER, which is in Tom’s own words: an email newsletter designed to hel...