I’m From West Chester, PA.

by Michael Pomante

Satellite overhead image of Pennsylvania from Google Earth 2022

I was 18 years old in 1998 and at that time, the only way to meet someone if you didn’t have a car and couldn’t get to Woody’s on a Wednesday was via an AOL chat room. So, that’s what I did. I posted. I chatted. I learned the basics of the emoticon language. I flirted as much as one can online. And I even learned to throw a little cyber-shade.

Dial up was a bitch! It took about an hour to upload and send someone a picture, but eventually I met Nick and subsequently corresponded with him for a few weeks. We hit it off. We talked on AIM, over the phone a few times when my parents were out of the house, and then finally decided to meet at his place when his mom went on a business trip. I brought my best friend Kim, a 300 lb. butch lesbian who wouldn’t let me go alone. Today, you would probably call her my roll-dog. Then, I just called her protection.

We showed up and both met Nick. Kim bonded with him right away and quickly gave me the wink of approval. I didn’t really notice, since most of the night I spent awkwardly flirting and getting to know Nick’s best friend David. Nick had apparently arranged to have a roll-dog with him, too. The night ended with Kim hanging back to continue chatting with Nick and David driving me home. I guess you can say the rest history. We had an innocent kiss in the car that night when he dropped me off. We spent every free moment together for the next several weeks. I fell in love with David the night I met him. Love at first sight I guess you could say. He was charming, handsome, charismatic, humble, and my first kiss. We only dated for a few weeks, but what started out as romantic love quickly developed into something even deeper. Thirteen years later, David is still my best friend and I feel blessed that he was the first guy to have my heart.

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