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State Satellite overhead image from Google Earth 2022
I’m From Hesperus, CO.

Until 4th grade I lived in a town of 600 people. Then through high school I lived 5 miles away from a town of 40 people, about 30 miles from the nearest sidewalk. In college I liv...

I’m From Rostov, Russia.

by Ivan Kolikova

I’m From Rostov, Russia.

I came to the U.S. 6 years ago. I was born in Kiev, Ukraine and when I was 3 years old I move to Rostov, Russia and I was put in foster care because my biological mother was a dru...

Satellite overhead image of New Jersey from Google Earth 2022

by Lou R.

I’m From Bergen County, NJ.

I don’t have a story. I have generalizations of gay life defined by me, by decade. I was born in the 1960’s with only memories of Vietnam and civil rights. In the 70’s, bein...