After Online Harassment, Gay Student Finds Community He Didn’t Know Existed.


I’m Eric Schroekenthaler and I’m from Plover, Wisconsin. The summer before my senior year of high school, I had come out and early in my senior year of high school, an acquaintance of mine who I ate lunch with every day the previous year had posted a really vulgar comment …

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Dancing In His Underwear for the Garbage Man, Noah Embraced Queerness and Sexuality Since Childhood


I’m Noah Michelson and I’m from Racine, Wisconsin, which is a good place to go home to now but not a great place to grow up if you’re queer and especially in the 80s. And I was the queerest kid that I’ve ever met that I think anyone has ever …

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Parents Send Teen To Ex-Gay Ministry – Video Story.

After coming out to his religiously conservative parents, Robbie Maris was sent to “ex-gay” ministry, Exodus International. Robbie explains: “What Exodus preaches is that there is freedom from homosexuality through Christ. Everyone who goes in there has same-sex attractions, that’s not something that’s debated about. The president, Alan Chambers, has …

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