I’m From Dallas, TX.

by new town

While I was on a school bus on the way back to school from a field trip, I heard some people call others “homos” and “gay.” After not being able to stand this for half an hour, I finally told one of the offenders, “Calling someone gay or a homo isn’t going to make a difference.” Seconds after, one girl held her palm up to her mouth and said, “Oh, is Will gay?” Others followed, “Yeah, he’s gay!” and other stupid bullcrap. I just sat quietly on my bus bench seat, without a word, and continued with my silent reading of The Bell Jar.

A day in the life.


  1. Very brave and noble of you to speak up. Very immature and ignorant for them to open their mouths again.

  2. Arright, Sylvia, but don’t get TOO into the Bell Jar if ya know what I mean… Promise life gets better. Those stupid kids slowly fade into the past and become a distant memory.

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