I’m From Queretaro, Mexico.

by edgar guevara

I’m from Mexico City but my family moved when I was a year old to Queretaro, a town known in Mexico for being incredibly conservative. I was bullied for everything, from my having an insects collection (too weird) to being born in another city.

When I was in high school I decided to come out to my best friend and the guy I like. I made a letter explaining everything, but a nosy guy took the letter from my backpack and everybody read it that day. I thought I was going to be crucified, and when they told me the teachers board wanted to talk to me I thought I was going to be expelled.

The teachers took turns and said that it was pretty brave for me to come out and offered protection if anybody bullied me. But it wasn’t necessary. Somehow never denying it and yelling it out loud made me safe. And every time I thought some people could never accept it, it happened the other way around. Now I’m a language teacher at the university and I can’t speak of any harassment from my teachers, classmates, workmates or students.

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  1. Hi Edgar,

    My name is Emma and I am the researcher of a 60- minute documentary for MTV International about bullying called Bullied. The film will explore the universal experiences of young people across the globe who have fallen victim to bullying. The plan is for the documentary to be filmed by the contributors themselves and will highlight their personal stories; this is very much the victim’s story in the victim’s own words.

    I was wondering whether you would consider, or know any one who would consider in taking part and recording their feelings on camera for part of the documentary.

    We will of course ensure the welfare of all who appear in the programme as we realise the potentially sensitive nature of the subject. We will obtain parental consent where necessary and will be on hand to offer support throughout the project. If needed a psychologist will be available to help determine whether it is suitable for certain individuals to take part in the project.

    If you have any further questions please contact me on [email protected].

    I look forward to hearing from you,


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