I’m From Staten Island, NY – Video Story

by will mcginn

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I remember when I finally told my mom it took a lot of build-up to tell her. When I finally told her she was completely accepting and she asked every uncomfortable question she could possibly ask. She wanted to see if who I was attracted to was the same type of guy she was attracted to. So she asked me a lot of uncomfortable questions about that; hair color, eye color, build- if it hurt, if I’d tried different things…she asked a pretty broad one of, “How do you do that?” which I thought was pretty open-ended – there are a lot of ways you can do that.

Oh! And she also asked me which one of us would get a ring – she was very concerned with who would get a ring in a situation. So, apparently she’s thinkin’ about the important stuff already, you know, the rings. I told her I would obviously get the ring. She liked that answer.

Then, at the end, she paused for an uncomfortable amount of time, so I asked her what she was thinking about because I could tell the wheels in her head were spinning out of control and she told me she was just trying to imagine herself with another woman and she was like, “Nope! Doesn’t work. Doesn’t work.” And I was like “Why would you do that?” and she told me she was just trying to see where I was coming from and decipher if I had made a choice or not and that’s what landed her on knowing that it wasn’t a choice it was actually you know, not a choice, it’s something you’re born with. And I know she’s not a lesbian now. I was kinda hoping for it…


  1. Great video and sweet story!

  2. Aw snap – was that an IFD t-shirt I saw?

    And what is it with parents being capable of asking all of the most inappropriate questions imaginable?

  3. ha! perfect last line. And how wonderful that your mom was so accepting and just more curious than anything. Bravo, Mrs. McGinn. :)

    And, of course, brilliant filming and editing, Marquise. Many thanks again.

  4. awesome, awesome, awesome. moms are hilarious. and yeah – very cool that while many other moms ask things like, “why don’t you try not being gay?” yours was asking about rings and figuring out it wasn’t a choice.

  5. haha, yup my mom is a gem sometimes, pain in the butt, but a gem. She has quite the knack for making me feel as awkward as possible as often as possibl, but I love her :) Happy to share!

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