I’m From Sulphur, LA.

by bruce ransom

After picking up my 72-year-young mother at LAX, we arrived at my apartment in West Hollywood. Walking up the steps to my building, me carrying her huge luggage (bigger than her 5’2” frame I think) and her struggling with her large carry-on, a handsome, shirtless young man approaches us and offers his help to her as he opens the door to the building. Her response to him: “Oh thank you, I just flew in from Louisiana and just can’t carry this up those steps.” Then she turns to me and whispers: “He’s very cute and so nice.”  I whisper back:  “And very straight.”  Her response: “Oh, that’s a shame, bless his heart.”  That’s my mom…


  1. how totally adorable. :)

  2. Give your mom a squeeze from me.

  3. Your mom is so cool!

    And do you actually agree with her taste in men? That would be the bigger miracle.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I just had to comment on the picture. The blue roofs you see there are not because there was a sale of blue shingles at the hardward store. Those roofs have blue plastic tarps on them due to damage from hurricane Rita which struck Southwest Louisiana one month after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Rita literally wiped some of the smaller communities closer to the Gulf of Mexico off the map. Thanks to Katrina, no lives were lost because people were afraid of the devastation and evacuated the area. Also because of Katrina, the area never did receive the media coverage or financial support it should have and is still in the rebuilding process. Hurricane Ike this last year, with it’s large amounts of rain and storm serge, has set back that re-building process even more.

    And yes, Natalie, she, I and my twin brother who is also gay do have the same taste in men…but that’s another story.

  5. High 5 to your mom Bruce and happy mother’s day to her from a mom with a gay son. We mom’s have to hang tough together for our babies, straight or gay! We love them unconditionally. Sounds like your mom has the survival tactics of life figured out! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Happy Mother’s Day, Susan! And to Bruce’s mom…

  7. HaHa that is so amazing I wish all parents were more like that

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