I’m From Americus, GA.

by Nik Philmon

State Satellite overhead image from Google Earth 2022

“Both of my parents are gay,” usually elicits oohs and ahhs at how easy it must have been to come out. The truth is a little stickier.

My parents both had urges and limited experiences with the same sex when they married and started their life together. Sixteen years and 3 kids later, my father decided to use it against Mom during a nasty divorce. At the time I felt he was an ass for his cruelty but didn’t know about the hypocritical betrayal.

Two years later, I came out to a very supportive friend and family base except for my father. He blocked every discussion about my happiness and dismissed me as being just like my mom, seeking attention and a way to be different and noticed.

A year later, he asked for my support when he decided to come out. At first I could never consider supporting him in any way. That did not disappear as he pathologically rewrote history as the perfect father.

At 32, I have settled into a distant friendship with my father and continue being the twinkle in my mother’s eye. Not the blessed path people expect, but such is life.

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