I’m From Brooklyn, NY – Video Story

by Bob Zuckerman

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Well my name is Bob Zuckerman and I’m from Brooklyn, New York. And I had the good fortune of running for City Council, for New York City Council this past year as an openly gay candidate.

I am in a very long-term relationship, of 12 years with my partner Grant, and he was very supportive. The reason, one of the reasons I think he was supportive, so supportive, was because he knew it was a dream of mine. And he wanted me to pursue my dream.

We met through a personal ad. Believe it or not, we met through a personal ad in the New York Press, which is kind of like a poor man’s Village Voice. It’s still around. This was before the days of Match.com, you know, what’s the, FindFred, you know, Gay.com and all these, PlanetOut and all these gay online stuff. And I placed the ad and they were giving like a deal, something like instead of two weeks of you know, they were giving like a month, it was some deal so I went for the deal. And because I’m political, the ad said, this was when Bill Clinton was still president, the ad said, “Bill and Hillary. Al and Tipper. Me and you?” That was the headline of the ad. And Grant was one of the people who answered the ad. And we had a, you know, he said he was a big Democrat, but he was an old fashioned Democrat, he’s a liberal Democrat, he’s not one of these New Democrats.

We wound up having our first date. We met in front of Grey Dog’s Coffee on Carmine Street in the Village. We went out for dessert, it was a 3-4 hour date and we had our second date two days later. And you know, it’s kind of like right away, we just clicked. I got my political spouse, there you go. Comes full circle. It’s not like I didn’t warn him, right? He knew from the very beginning.

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