I’m From DeGraff, OH.

by Devyn T.

State Satellite overhead image from Google Earth 2022

DeGraff, oh what a small town. My family is big, everyone knows who we are and what we do here.

I was young, maybe fourth grade when I felt that funny feeling. To look back on it, I don’t understand my choice in girls. Her name was Samantha, she was chubby and smelled like pee. We rode the bus together and I remember one day us talking about how neither of us thought that love had no limits and didn’t rely on gender. Then she kissed my cheek, and I knew that I would always feel that way.

Years down the road, back when MySpace was big, I posted a blog about it, because I knew then I was bisexual. I was thirteen at the time, and once my mom read it she sat me down and told me no. And this was a shock to me because my parents always told me, my siblings that it didn’t matter who we fell in love with, race nor gender, as long as they treated us right, it didn’t matter. But at thirteen, being bisexual was a no.

Then, I started high school, had a boyfriend and other boys after me. When winter comes along freshmen year, I met her. Alicia, god, she is gorgeous as can be. Took three days and I was in love. We tried to keep it secret, and we did for months. Then, four months into our relationship, my mom finds out. Again it was a no, not only because Alicia is a girl, but she is two years older. For months and months I had to sneak to see her, to talk to her. But no one could ever keep me from her.

I am glad to say it is two and a half years into my relationship, my family now loves Alicia, no longer cares what the town thinks, and my family is okay with me being bisexual, then even are okay with my little brother being bisexual as well.

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