I’m From Gilbert, AZ.

by Sydney Haugen

I’m From Gilbert, AZ.

I’m 16 and I’m currently a Junior in high school. I don’t know if anybody knows except for a few of my close friends, but I’m not straight. I’m open about it, but I haven’t felt the need to tell anyone. I guess I always knew I was attracted to women, but I never really took note of it until last year.

One day, I was backstage doing technical work for a play, and I met this girl named Ashley. She is bisexual, and I automatically fell for her. Unfortunately, she has a girlfriend so I can’t really act on it.

Recently, my friend Jake and I were talking. He is a very close friend of mine, and we tell each other everything. He was driving me home one day from a group movie night at the theater, and we were talking about homosexuality.

I said, “Jake, I’m bisexual.” I always say “bisexual” when I tell people because it’s easier than explaining.

“Yeah, I kinda figured,” he said. “That’s why I always say ‘boy or girl’ when I’m asking if there’s someone special.”

I was more surprised than he was. It was probably the most dramatic coming out has been, which means it hasn’t really been that hard for me to tell the seven friends I’ve told.

Next step: Getting the girl I like.

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