I’m From Madison, WI – Video Story.

by Lana Fox

I am Lana Fox and I’m from Madison, Wisconsin. My partner and I had been together for just short of nine years when we decided to have kids and I had wanted to have kids way before that. But, she wasn’t ready, she was like, “No, we need to pay off our debt, we need to buy a house.” And so we did all of those things first. Then finally, she was ready and one of our hardest first decisions was – who’s going to have the baby? Cause when you have two moms, which one’s going to have the baby ? So what we decided to go with was the older mom, so my partner Cheryl had the child, the first child, Eli. We were very lucky in that Cheryl was fertile, one try and we were pregnant which shocked her enough, that left her on the couch for two months. She’s like, ” I didn’t think it would happen this fast.” Our initial plan was to each have a child. First her, then me. But um, when you’re parenting, and in our case we decided that Cheryl should go down to part time so she could actually spend time with the child and I realised I can’t insure her, so she had to work some. It just made more sense for her to have the second child and we did that and we have been very lucky that – I’m looking at the pictures. Very lucky and very happy to have two kids and though Cheryl and I are not together we are very focused on making sure the kids are happy and doing a good job as parents. I can say with complete conviction that you don’t need to be biologically related to them to completely love them and so I try to say to people, you know birth is something that we all maybe want to go through, if you’re trying to have kids, but the birth part isn’t important, it’s the having the kids that’s important. Its just like marriage, the wedding day isn’t as important, its the commitment.

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