I’m From Milan, Italy.

by Roberto

I’m From Milan, Italy.

Milan is the most gay-friendly city in Italy, but this doesn’t mean everything is good. I have been living here for the past 6 years, but I am from a small town by the sea, much more beautiful but also much more close-minded.

I’ve grown to love Milan, its gray landscape and box-like buildings, its traffic, its people, its way of life, its mentality, which is still far from being of tolerance and love… I am always looking for my real home, which might be lovely San Francisco, amazing New York, old London, cold Berlin, don’t know yet… I like to think of myself as a son of the world, a traveler, hopping from place to place, from town to town, always looking for something beautiful, new, interesting.

My ideal place is one where freedom is an imperative, where one is free to live happy, respecting others and being respected. Maybe one day Milan will be such a place!

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