I’m From Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Randal Fedje

Canada Satellite overhead image from Google Earth 2022

I went through high school, University and a Graduate degree and not once did I tell a soul that I was gay until a month and a half before my 29th birthday.

It wasn’t until I had an emotional breakdown that I realized I had separated myself from everyone in my life. When I needed help and support the most, there was no one I could turn to and that’s when I had to come out.

I thought I had complete control over my life when in fact I had none. I thought I had prepared myself for living alone and now, although at this moment I don’t have love in my life, the idea that I can after so much time of self-denial gives me continual motivation to live my life completely open.

When I came out to my parents both had big smiles on their faces. They discussed it with me like adults, not like parents. I don’t know why I was ever scared of the truth. The whole time I was hiding from love.

I will never again live a lie or deprive myself of joy.

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