I’m From Singapore.

by Danny Sheng

Google Earth Satellite Image of Singapore

While in a car with 2 co-workers of mine, one of them brought up the topic of “cheating on the wife.” The next statement perturbed me greatly even though I did not show it, I was internally conflicted. “It is fine if you ogle at girls when you’re married, or heck, even go for the occasional one night stand. But as a guy, if you do not lust for the “bust”, you’ve crossed over to the disgusting gay side and there’s nothing worse than that.”

Blood drained from my face as I took in every spoken word, and as I unclench my now white fists, my other co-worker blurted out, “Wait, you can’t say that, Danny is in the car!”

I think it was his intonation or just the pure candidness of his personality, but I burst into peels of laughter with feelings of rage now rapidly jettisoned and in its place, pure tickles. I love that co-worker of mine!


I’m From Dubuque, IA. ““Where do you go to church?” the other teachers ask me, and I lie and say I’m looking for one. “Was that your boyfriend at the concert?” they prod, and I lie by not telling them that “he” is a “she.” “I’m so glad we don’t have any of them homos in this school. They’re gonna ruin this country” they say over lunch in the teachers lounge, and in fear for my job I lie by staying silent and walking out of the room.”

I’m From New York, NY – Video Story. “‘Yeah, I gave [my nephew] a choice. He could either go to a Broadway show or go to a baseball game.’ And he chose baseball. And the client, without even hesitating, turned to me and goes, ‘Well, at least you know he’s not gay.’ And I paused and I said, ‘And what would be wrong with that?’ And then I shut up, laughed it off and moved on with the sales meeting. And I walked out of there embarrassed for myself, my sales manager knew I was gay, but the customer obviously didn’t.”

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