I’m From Staten Island, NY – Video Story.

by Will McGinn

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My name’s Will and I’m from Staten Island.

I love my roommate Chris, more than anyone. My roommate Chris has to okay every guy that I date or go on dates with or that I’m interested in. He’ll either have something where he’ll literally just come over to the apartment and Chris will grill him with questions…will either do that or will “pretend” run into my roommate Chris onto the street, when it’s really, I’ve been texting Chris the whole time exactly where we are, and you know, be here at this time because we’re gonna run into you. Because if Chris doesn’t like him, I know that I actually won’t like him in the long run. It’s been pretty consistent. And I can tell instantly if Chris is going to like the person. It’s kind of like the same with my mom.

The few guys that my mom has met that I’ve been dating, she can tell me instantly. She’ll usually start texting me during the meeting process. And it takes her like 3 hours to text, “I don’t like him”, but I know right away, I can tell. So then generally I’ve written him off as well, if my mom writes him off.

I remember my first boyfriend I ever introduced my mom to, I don’t know, I must have been…I don’t know how I thought this guy was good for me. He was demeaning to me, he belittled me, he paid no attention to me, he wasn’t even that cute to be totally honest, but I thought he was like the best thing that ever happened to me. In my head he was some sort of superstar. My mom walked into the coffee shop where we were. He didn’t stand up and he took a phone call as my mom sat down, and my mom sat down, he took the phone call, she stood up and said, “Will, I’ll be outside.” And that’s how I knew that this is…it was kind of a slap in the face wake up call. It’s okay to be a momma’s boy, right?


I’m From Staten Island, NY – Video Story: “Dating’s been really hard actually. I actually went on a date with a guy, I forget his name, and I’m happy I forgot his name because we met at The Hose on a Wednesday night, and the name of that bar you can imagine what it was like.”

I’m From Staten Island, NY – Video Story: “I remember when I finally told my mom it took a lot of build-up to tell her. When I finally told her she was completely accepting and she asked every uncomfortable question she could possibly ask. She wanted to see if who I was attracted to was the same type of guy she was attracted to. So she asked me a lot of uncomfortable questions about that.”

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