“I’m Here To Talk To You About Marriage For Gay and Lesbian Couples” – Video Story.

by Steve Ryan and Jim Bishop

Steve Ryan and Jim Bishop are LGBTQ activists who were inspired by a summit put on by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Before they knew it, they were knocking on the doors of complete strangers asking for their support.

I went to this house and I looked at my sheet which said the people were in their late 80s. And I thought, “Oh, God, married couple, late 80s…” So I knocked on the door and this elderly French woman says, “C’mon in! C’mon in! What are you here for?”

After telling her he’s there to talk about marriage equality, she explained she’s fine with it. Steve then asked to speak with her husband who responded with:

He told me, “We worked in the factories. We know what discrimination is about. Absolutely. You have every right to get married.” So you can never tell. Age is not necessarily a barrier to this issue.

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