“We Have Two Moms Who Feel Like There Needs To Be Some Support.”

by Dave England

This week on I’m From Driftwood, we’re sharing stories we collected from a PFLAG (Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians And Gays) group in Omaha, Nebraska.

Dave England remembers sitting at the kitchen table when his son began asking some “probing questions” to Dave and his wife about gay people.

During the course of the conversation it got to the point where he said, “Well what do you think about someone who’s gay?” or something to that affect. His mom replied, “It wouldn’t be my choice for a lifestyle.” And she regrets those words because shortly after that he said, “Well, I’m gay.”

Dave and his wife joined PFLAG to learn more about how to accept their son, but also how to help other gay youth who might need help. One youth in particular came out and had his mom call Dave and his wife to have a conversation.

It turns out that my wife and that mom realized that their sons had gone through high school with no means of support. We had no inkling that he was gay but found out that he knew he was different from about the 3rd grade on but had no vocabulary to express it.

Dave’s wife and the other mom created a youth group called Proud Horizons based on the idea that not enough was being done for LGBTQ youth. Continue Reading to watch Dave’s story.

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