Gay Man Recounts His NYC Life in the 1960s

i'm from germantown, pa. by gilbert parker

Gilbert Parker has had a full life. The retired literary and talent agent from William Morris Agency shares stories of his NYC life in the 1960s, which includes a comedic near-hookup, and a phone conversation with Tennessee Williams.


  1. I had the honor and pleasure of being represented by Gilbert Parker during the 1970’s and 80’s. What a fun, colorful and entertaining agent he was, and also what a kind and generous friend. His witty comments and asides are a part of Broadway legend. It is such a pleasure to have found him here, looking so well and sounding so happy!

  2. Gilbert! So happy to know you are not only alive, kicking but productive. Great man, great agent. Oh, God, where to begin? I’ve been writing alongside my sculpture – that means “Faces of Golf” about to be installed at the British Golf Museum in St. Andrews, and a young Shakespeare at Stratford–but suddenly, a man who compiled a trove of material concerning Churchill and Roosevelt, has asked me to write a play based on it. I’ve rejoined the Dramatists Guild but I do really need an agent. Not sure about Wm. Morris, I will be stuck with an
    Arnie-Bernie of no experience and wisdom. Whom might you reccomend if anybody? Come back, Gilbert! love to you, of course.

  3. Dear Mr. Parker,

    I wondered if you can recommend a book that recounts gay life in 1960s New York. I am writing a novel with a gay character who lives in New York during the 1960s and I’d like to be educated about everyday life for gay men.


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