I’m From Clinton, AR.

by matt h.

I came out to my family only three years ago. I grew up in a very small town and was very afraid to tell anyone, due to the mindset of people at school and my religious upbringing.

I knew for a fact that I was gay when I was 13. I went through middle school and high school not telling a single soul. I had classmates make comments that let me know they knew even though I couldn’t admit it to myself.

I started college in Kansas City, Missouri, in July of 2004. For the first time in my life, I started to feel free. I started doing more research on the struggles of homosexuality and managed to become friends with college classmates that were very open and helped me more than they will ever know. I came out to my best friend when I was 21 at a get together at his house. I was expecting to lose a friend, but instead, he was happy that I was finally able to be me.

From that moment on, I have been able to accept myself and be comfortable with myself, regardless the obstacles I had to endure to get to the place I am at today. I am no longer ashamed to tell anyone that asks. Yes, I am gay.

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  1. Bravo. This is the first step

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