I’m From Irapuato, Gto., Mexico.

by alberto

I came out of the closet at 16. I was in high school and I had an art project so I talked to my teacher about me being gay and he encouraged me to open up. At that time I was really pressured about it because everyone in high school knew but my family didn’t and for me they are the important ones. So for the exposition I drew a weeping willow with color in the middle of a grey desert explaining how lonely I felt and all the things most of us feel when we’re in the closet.

When the moment was right I showed them the picture and said, “Mom, Dad, I’m Gay.” My dad was so mad and my mom started crying. We left the auditorium and went straight to the house and talked about it. It was really tough; they sent me to a psychologist, even made me take a blood test. Thank God they’re not that religious because they would have sent me to a priest. Now, almost four years later, we don’t touch the subject, I don’t tell them anything about my private life and everything is okay. I know that in their own way they accept me just as I am and with more time everything is going to be even better.


  1. Wow – sounds likr you’re still doing it a bit tough. It can take a long time and at least you still have your family. You don’t have to hurt or insult them but always be true to yourself.

    Best wishes….

  2. I like this story. Families are not perfect, and the lack of further discussion sounds tough. But they know, and the you guys still love each other.

  3. Thanks 4 the good wishes! Yes, families are not perfect. Around 8 months ago my father and I had a discussion about my sexuality but I defended myself, I told him I wasn’t joking, like it or not I’m gay. After that I think he finally understand it’s not a phase and even if I can’t talk to them about my love life and emotions, I’m sure everything’s all right now.

  4. Hey honey!
    i have the great honor of KNOWING you!
    & i love you soo much!
    i knoww how hard life has been with you some times
    but you have proven to be stronger
    & i real am proud of you
    & i love you!

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