Field Trip: Classmates Fear Sharing Bed With Gay Student, Mom Has To Chaperone

by Rahm

Rahm had every reason to be excited about his upcoming middle school field trip.

From 6th Grade, we’re told the DC trip is awesome. It’s the end of the year, it’s so cool, you get your own rooms, you get all this stuff. And then, everyone else had that experience except for me. It just really hurt to know that I was outcast for being who I was.

Rahm’s classmates didn’t feel comfortable sharing a bed with him. Their parents approached the school, and the school asked Rahm’s mom to attend as a chaperone.

It was my chance to show my independence, then having your mom come along just drained it. I thought it was completely unfair that because guys are uncomfortable that I would do stuff to them that my whole trip had to be compromised for their satisfaction.

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