I’m From Chicago, IL – Video Story.

by Zack Rosen

Today’s Video Story was collected on the 50-state Story Tour. Check out the blog where you can follow us on our adventure. Today’s storyteller is Zack Rosen, the free spirit, always smiling founder of DC-based gay blog The New Gay. He and his boyfriend Michael were our hospitable hosts when we stayed in DC.

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My name is Zack Rosen. I come from Chicago, Illinois. I do of all things want to start out by showing you guys this tattoo. A lot of people see this pretty much every day. Most people don’t know what it means to me and it’s because it actually comes from a drawing I found in my parents’ house, right before I moved to DC – which is going to be right here. And I found it just unframed, literally sitting in the coat closet, next to some boots, all raggedy on the edges and I thought it was really cool. And usually, depending on how well I know people, and they say “oh that tattoo is so cool, what is it from? And I’ll say its a piece of art I like. And if I know them kind of well, I’ll say my aunt drew it. And if I know them really well, I say my aunt drew it, she died in 1968. What really happened is that my aunt shot herself in a half way house  and most people that know me – really don’t know that. It’s not one of those things that you want to tell somebody at a bar. I got this when I was trying to be more comfortable being gay and getting out in the world a little bit and negotiating some things about monogamy. So I guess, this is kind of the anti innocence tattoo.

But I grew up, like I really wasn’t out in high school. I went to college in the middle of nowhere. It took me a long time to find my footing here in  DC, like dating wise, I had some bad experiences, then I had a boyfriend, so, I didn’t really have access to that large scale gay sex that people do – and all of a sudden I did. I think everyone fucks and some people act like they don’t, so I’d rather admit, yeah, I fuck. I’m not embarrassed by it. I don’t know, it’s temptation again, there’s really no debate, it’s Eve, a woman under a tree with a snake but she’s holding up a flower, its not an apple and it’s funny the different interpretations that people have of this when they see it . And really the only thing I can get from it is about temptation. This is obviously a woman that probably had a lot of temptations in her life and indulged them and I don’t know, it’s more like she’s not being given something, she’s offering it.  And it’s a flower, some people interpretations are –  she’s giving her flower to a snake.

Now that I think about it, it could be a very nice emblem of entering that period of my life when I stopped holding back and actually been much much happier for it. It’s a cliche when people say “Don’t regret the things I did, I regret the things I haven’t done.” I just know that every time I tried to do the right thing or be the right kind of person, or be good, or not be some gay whore, or anything, I just ended up being miserable for it for years and years and years. And I never actually though of this before how I do have this reminder on my arm of – it’s not a sin to – What do they call it? Fall? Is that what they call it? The fall. Experience is not a sin, I guess.

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