I’m From Davenport, ND.

by Michael N.

Satellite overhead image of North Dakota from Google Earth 2022

I was raised in Fargo, North Dakota. I always knew I was different, but not sure how. I wanted to fit in and date girls in high school and actually dated some very attractive ones. I knew that I was attracted to guys but could not act on it, that is until I left to live in Minneapolis.

All hell broke loose and I was like a kid in a candy store. I rebelled and got into a bit of trouble but was lucky to have family to back me up. It was not actually until about 8 years ago that the rest of my family found out and to my surprise they said they always knew and was waiting for me to tell them.

I now live in a very small town just outside of Fargo and have the most wonderful man to share the rest of my life with. We actually met on a blind date 27 years ago. We went on about our separate lives, running in to one another alone the way. He was military and so very closeted. About 2 years ago we reconnected and have been living happily ever since. He has children from a previous relationship and that has its own challenges but we work through it. I would love to tell the rest of my (our) story if given the chance.

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