I’m From Melbourne, Australia – Video Story.

by Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson, the Aussie featured in today’s Video Story, is one-half of the dynamic duo who writes GAYLETTER, which is in Tom’s own words: an email newsletter designed to help the homosexuals of New York figure out what to do with their spare time. We never recommend anything we wouldn’t, or haven’t gone to ourselves. We sift through the crap so you don’t have to, and offer up a tasty treat for each day, Wednesday through Sunday.

We started Gayletter 46 weeks ago because we felt that no one was covering the events we like to go to in an interesting, funny, quick way. Because I’m a writer, and Abi is an Art Director, we both felt we had the skills to write and design something that we would both want to read. And luckily a whole bunch of other people also felt the same way.

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My name’s Tom Jackson, I’m from Melbourne, Australia. And I have never had sex with a girl. But I have dated one. Once. For two days when I was in Year 9.

I started dating this girl because all my other friends were dating girls. They were sort of dating, kind of kissing and fooling around, and it was like, who could go the furthest? And I had never kissed a girl so I kind of really felt out of the loop. I didn’t really want to kiss a girl. It wasn’t something I was aroused by or anything but I needed to catch up because I’m competitive I guess.

I was like, I haven’t kissed a girl–because the thought of kissing a boy was just never something in my head, I just never thought that would be possible. Where is that gonna happen? It just wasn’t something I could conceive of. But kissing girls just seemed more realistic and all my other friends have so maybe I should…

So I started dating this girl who was a friend of my best friend who went to a girl’s school, so all her friends were girls and we started dating because, I don’t know, she was interested in me and I was like, alright, you’ll do. She was a nice girl actually. But then the story that happened with that was, on the second date we dated, she was in some school play at an all-girls school and so she was like, “Come and see the rehearsal!” So I had a few–my skin was breaking out at the time and I had pimples and my mom had this concealer and she was like, “Oh, just use a little concealer.” But I went to town with it. Like, I was using concealer and then I was using the foundation because, wow, this stuff works…so I had way too much concealer and foundation on my face because I was really nervous, you know, because I was meeting all her friends.

So I went to her school and one of her friends, because they have this big, bright stage, you know the bright stage lights and everything, and I was hanging out there and one of her friends, this really loud-mouthed girl, she goes, “Tom! Are you wearing makeup??” In front of everyone! And I was like, “Nooo…” And she was like, “Yes you are, you’ve got makeup on!” Like, really–you know when people say things, like an embarrassing thing, maybe not even that loud but in your head it’s the loudest thing anyone’s saying in the whole room? That’s what it was like and I was completely mortified and then I just stopped calling her after that because I was really embarrassed. So that only lasted two days. It was a two-day relationship. That’s about as far as I got with girls.

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