I’m from Kansas City, MO.

by kevin r.

I went to a Catholic high school. For four, very long years I was the only open homosexual.

I suffered more than I’ll ever let on.

One night I was cornered and beaten by several members of the football team. I went to the principal and he basically told me it was my fault, I had no proof and he could do nothing. They broke my nose, my collarbone and most importantly, my spirit.

I was hopeless. I tried to commit suicide. I had the gun in my hand, my letters written. But what saved me wasn’t a phone call. It wasn’t someone showing up. But a memory.

“Kevin, I’ll always love you; just don’t give up.”

My mom told me that when I came out to her. I put the gun down and cried.

And she’ll never know how she saved me.

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  1. Dear Kevin:

    I read your story today and I feel so much empathy toward you. Anyone whoreads your story has to be overwhealmed with the hard life you jad being out in high school. We all are equally mystified and appauled by the people who brutalized you. What a shame that ignorance and violence continue tobe so pervasive. It is sad commentary on the state of the human thought process that we cam collectively and acutely be so ignorant.

    Please focus on your own happiness. Loving yourself first is how you come to love and forgive those around you.


    Rick Bushnell
    Pasadena, Ca.

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